ACH Web Single

Wouldn’t it be great if you could take payments by check or credit card on your website and all you had to do was know how to cut and paste? We thought so and that’s why we spent the time and money to make ACH web single. You can create your payment page that is PCI compliant, secure and so efficient you can take one-time and recurring payments. Not only that but ACH web single can also have the look and feel of your site. It sure sounds good but what is the cost?

For a branded, hosted, secure payment page that can take one-time and recurring payments you know there are companies that will charge you hundreds if not thousands of dollars to do this. We know it’s minimally worth $300 but for our existing and new clients that need a secure, efficient way to collect customer payments we charge $0. Yes that’s right you pay nothing to be able to create this page in ACH web single.

Simply sign up for our ACH and credit card processing services and you get Web Payments for free. Want to see a sample with your data filled in? Click here –this is a simple version that can be completely customized. In a few short days you will be taking payments electronically and automatically, by phone or Internet as well as having the ability to set up automated recurring payments.
Let’s recap what you get:

  • Secure, Efficient, Economical payment processing for one-time and recurring payments done via our Virtual Terminal or using Web Payments
  • Detailed Reporting of all transactions-you can export in many formats Automated receipt emails to your customers
  • 60 Day GUARANTEED satsifaction