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Invoicera, a leading SaaS electronic invoicing application, has integrated with ACH Payments to provide their customers with our robust payment gateway solution. This payment integration will now provide Invoicera customers the ability to utilize both ACH processing and credit card processing as payment vehicles. Invoicera customers also have to ability to utilize an existing credit […]

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5 Payment Tweaks Guaranteed to Get You More Sales

When you choose a payment processor there are a lot of things that come to mind. While different businesses have different reasons for which payment processor they choose, some of the most common factors businesses consider when choosing a payment processor are: (more…)

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How to Reduce Credit Fraud on Your Website

According to data from Unisys Security Index “Credit and debit card fraud is the No. 1 fear of Americans in the midst of the global financial crisis. Concern about fraud supersedes that of terrorism, computer and health viruses and personal safety.” Also, data has shown that 40% of all frauds relates to credit cards, and at least 60% of […]

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10 Deadly Mistakes to Avoid when Choosing a Payment Processor

According to data from The Nilson Report, a leading source for news and proprietary research on consumer payment systems, global credit card fraud losses increases by around 10% every year. Whether you’re in the market for an ACH payment processor, a payment gateway or credit card card processor, the importance of choosing the right processor and ensuring you’re following industry best […]

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What Makes for a Successful Business?

What makes a successful business? I read an interesting article by Rich Schefren [ ] and his view is there are 4 core commonalities that good businesses share: 1) Successful-meaning they must MAKE money. Funding your business expenses with personal funds is a strong indicator you are in trouble. 2) Sustainable: You consistently MAKE […]

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ACH Payment Processing for Layaway?

Years ago most retail stores had a layaway option. This simply meant you could make installment payments on an item you wanted to purchase but lacked the funds to buy the item with one single payment. For various reasons many stores dropped layaway as a consumer option but in recent years it has seen a […]

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ACH Processing and Recurring Billing

ACH Processing and Recurring Payments: Match Made in Heaven ACH Processing and credit card processing both have pros and cons. The big plus for credit cards is the ability to know at the time of the transaction that the purchaser has the requisite funds and these funds WILL be paid to the merchant. For many […]

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IVR Payments Via ACH Processing

IVR Payments Using ACH Processing Businesses need to offer their client base multiple payment options. An automated cost effective method for 24/7 pyment collection is using an IVR [Interactive Voice Response] solution. You can take the hassle and manpower out of managing inbound customer phone using ACH Payments phone-based payment system. Easily accept ACH and credit […]

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ACH for Collections

Use ACH Processing for Collections The economy is tough and this inevitably leads to an increase in late payers. Businesses and consumers are looking to delay payment as long as possible. Many business owners rely solely on mailing invoices and then hope that payment gets mailed in. If after repeated mailings the business owner may […]

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ACH Safer than Paper Checks?

AutoPay via ACH or credit card versus writing a paper check: Which is safer for consumers? Many consumers now pay via some sort of AutoPay whereby their checking account or credit card is debited automatically for payment. Some consumers still write a paper check possibly for concern over the safety of electronic payments. So which […]

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