ACH References

We have been helping businesses save time and money for over 10 years with MANY satisfied clients. You can count on your sensitive data and financial concerns being handled securely. The truth is that choosing a payment processor is a big decision and you want to be sure you can count on getting your money and having your data protected. With ACH Payments you can feel confident you made the right decision. We offer you a money back guarantee on our processing services AND are so confident we can save your business time and money that we offer $100 to any business that we can not help. We have helped hundreds of companies reduce payment processing costs, improve cash flow and reduce risks associated with payment processing. These companies range from small businesses to Fortune 500 giants. We can help you find the best solution to your businesses unique needs. Cutting edge processing tools are at your disposal. Here are a few words from our customers:

“Using the ACH Payments Studio Auto Pay has saved my business! I have literally gone from about 20 hours a week doing bookwork to about 4 hours a month! It has seriously freed me to work on my business which has almost tripled since we started using the ACH System!

Thanks Wayne!!!!

Christy Johnson-Dance Masters by Christy

“First off – Thank You and your company for your wonderful customer & technical support. You guys always take the time to answer my questions and address my concerns without making me feel as if I am interrupting or bothering you. That is very important to me, especially in these times of “outsourcing” to the Philippines or India.” Bill Hiley Academy of Music


Words cannot express how grateful I am for your help today.  This could have been a very nasty situation and you really stepped up to the plate to guide me through this.  The customer is now aware of what happened and will be looking for the credits to come his way.   He was very gracious about the whole thing.

 Thanks again.  I am now deleting your cell phone number from my phone. J
 Have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!
Kathleen A Kerswig
Office Manager
D T Water Corporation


Members First Credit Union

Mr. Wayne Akey

Dear Mr. Akey,

At Member’s First Credit Union we were looking for an economical method to accept member payments by phone. I want to thank you for filling that need. had what we were looking for. Now when we call our customers we don’t have to ask them to mail a check, we simply take their account information and electronically transfer funds from their account to ours. We save time and money while at the same time offering a new payment vehicle for our members. The members love the convenience while this provides us a great working tool for clearing up account delinquencies before the end of the month. has provided us with both a quality product and reliable service.

Karen Account Manager


“Being able to electronically draft our monthly dues from our member’s checking, savings or credit card account makes running our franchise much easier. Reliable cash flow is vital. It is very easy to set up a customer for their draft and each month we automatically receive the funds in our bank account. With over 500 clients we need an easy to use, reliable system and this it!

It lets us focus on our members rather than accounting. We highly recommend using to make your franchise more profitable and efficient.”

Autumn T.

Curves Franchisee-Minnesota


“We accept payments by phone for our vitamin related products. People call us and we are able to accept their check by phone. We save a ton of money as compared to credit cards and are able to offer the customer an alternative payment method. made it easy. Quality products, good service and great pricing. Best value for the money!