Individual needs help with an ACH payment

We appreciate that you are seeking information about an ACH payment that you are supposed to receive or you saw an item on your bank statement that read “ACH Payment,” but we simply have nothing to do with that transaction whatsoever. Let me explain: Your arrived at our website because you google searched a term such as “ach payment” or something close to that or that term or was part of multiple word search, so it’s understandable to think that our company has something to do with an ACH payment related to you. However, the term ACH Payment is generic in nature and is used widely as it refers to electronic transactions across the ACH network which is governed by NACHA. It just also happens to be the name of our company.

We provide technology and processing solutions to businesses and organizations across North America, but what we don’t do is process transactions ourself. In short, we have absolutely nothing to do with any transaction related to you.

Even some customer service reps at PayPal give out our number because they did the same thing you did in searching “ACH Payment.”

We simply don’t have the time to respond to people calling in about an ACH payment they are supposed to receive or an item on your bank statement, so please don’t call us. We will not respond if you do.

Instead, here’s what you should do: Whoever is the originator of the transaction should be contacted:

  • If it’s a payment you are expecting, call that company or organization. They are the originator.
  • If you saw something like “ACH payment” on your bank statement, you need to contact your bank and ask them “who is the originator” for that particular transaction. Many times there will be a phone number next to the descriptor, so call that number if there is one. If not, your bank can trace who the originator is.

In either case above, we have zero access to any information that could be of any help to you. Thanks for not calling us.