Check Verification

If your company has issues with bad checks, you will want to learn about what is a different kind of check verification tool. While negative check databases serve a purpose, they simply can’t give you real-time information on a checking account status. That’s where we can help!

Our live check verification utilizes the ATM networks and provides you a peek into bank accounts to verify:

  • Funds availability
  • Routing number validity
  • account number validity
  • Stop payments issued on the account
  • Stolen or Fraud reports issued on the account
  • Open or closed account status

Reduce your returned items fees and start using the most comprehensive check verification system there is. Live check verification is available for transaction via:

  • Internet website systems
  • Virtual Terminal
  • POS
  • Phone / IVR
  • Integration via our API

Contact us today to learn more about our check verification services!

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