ChurchSquare Ecommerce Options

Use  ChurchSquare and your customer billing headaches will be over.
Whether you need to bill a one-time payment or process monthly recurring charges you can rely on an economical, easy to use, built-in payment processing solution. You now have a seamless, automated and secure push button solution for debiting checking/savings accounts (ACH) and credit cards.
We provide a single gateway (secure payment data mover) that can process both electronic checks and credit cards. Payment histories are updated within ChurchSquare and can also be easily tracked via an online Virtual Terminal. Sensitive data is protected using PCI compliant tokenization so you are not burdened with compliance issues.
Pricing Information:
As a ChurchSquare user you qualify for special pricing considerations. You will have the ability to accept payments from credit cards and checking accounts [called an ACH]. You will have an ACH merchant account, credit card merchant account and a gateway account. The gateway is the secure pathway that payment data gets from ChurchSquare to payment processor.
$0 application fee.
Credit Cards: Interchange plus 30 basis points [.3%] and a per transaction fee = .22.  An Interchange plan is the most economical for merchants because all card types start at MasterCard/Visa costs. Your fees are .3% above these costs. 
ACH: Per transaction = .35 [flat  35 cents-no %]. Per return [example would be an NSF-non sufficient funds] = $2.50.
Gateway: .01 per transaction [1 penny].
Monthly: For three accounts plus reporting and 800# support your total outlay will be $20.00
Most gateway providers [] charge you .10 per gateway and $25/month JUST for the gateway account
You will apply for these accounts by filling out paperwork [tells us who/where you are] and along with voided check and two month’s bank statements fax/email/upload these documents to us. We typically will have you approved and able to process payments in 4-5 business days. If you are incorporated or an LLC we can obtain this info online. If you are a sole proprietor we may also need a dba [doing business as] certificate or equivalent.
To get started and apply online you may click here

 To receive more information or receive documents via email send and email to info @ You may also call 888.729.2968.