IDVerify: Identity Verification you can count on

Identity Verification is fast becoming a necessity in today’s business world.

Our Guarantee: Your business will save time and money using our secure processing and verification systems or we will refund ALL processing fees incurred. You have 60 days to evaluate our services. There is no small print – you have 60 days GUARANTEED! This guarantee is backed up by a company with over 9 years of experience in this industry and hundreds of satisfied clients.

Whether you are taking orders via a web site by phone or in a point of sale environment Identity Verification using IDVerify provides you an unsurpassed level of protection against fraud. What separates and distinguishes IDVerify is the ability to ask (in a live or automated fashion) the customer interactive questions that only the “real” customer would know.

What does Identity Verification Provide?

  • Verifies and authenticates a customer??