Studio AutoPay

Please read what some of our AutoPay users have to say about the program:

“Using the ACH Payments Studio Auto Pay has saved my business! I have literally gone from about 20 hours a week doing bookwork to about 4 hours a month! It has seriously freed me to work on my business which has almost tripled since we started using the ACH System!
Thanks Wayne!!!!
Christy Johnson-Dance Masters by Christy

“Hey Wayne: As we head into our busy Back-to-School season, I would just like to thank you for the excellent service you folks have provided us with. Before switching over to ACH Payments, we spent so much time and effort (read: ‘MONEY’!) chasing clients for receivables that we hardly had time for anything else. Since we switched our customers to Auto-Pay, we have found a lot more time to devote to business development. We experienced next-to-no objections about going this route, and this season you may see our activity almost double! Next year I expect my golf game to improve!! All the best, Corbit Larson, Centre Music House”

“Not only has ACH and Studio AutoPay saved me hundreds of hours this past year, but I have for the first time in 15 years I have a $0 balance for people owing me money AND I don’t feel frustration towards some of my usual late paying clients! “ACH is the best business decision I have ever made. I get ALL the money owed to me on the first of each month without any phone calls or statements sent out to students/clients. I have time to build my business, not wasting time collecting money!” Best wishes Wayne!!
Angie Ford, Terrace School of Music”


Studio Auto Pay Application (Must be completed)

Credit Card Application (If you want to accept credit cards)

Sample Studio Auto App (shows how to fill the app out)

Credit Card Sample App (shows how to fill the app out)

Authorization for Payment (Parent form to be able to collect payments)

Collection Tool Kit

Sample Parent Letter

JackRabbit Software: Our Preferred Studio management solution. The Mastermind edition of Jackrabbit combines the most powerful software in the studio business with the business building strategies of studio business coach Sam Beckford. The Mastermind edition incorporates advanced methods of tracking registration, retention and teacher performance with standard Jackrabbit software. Future enhancements to automate pre-registration and studio marketing functions are planned for the upcoming year. The underlying purpose of the Mastermind edition is not just to organize and automate the studio, but to provide functions that increase studio revenue and profit.
Supporting application documents should include:
* Articles of Incorporation or equivalent–the person signing the application should be authorized in the Articles.
* 2 months bank statements (not online banking copies)
* voided check
*copy of customer contract authorizing payments
* ONLY if processing more than $30k per month a tax return or audited financials are also needed.
If applying for credit cards as well please include the past 3 months credit card processing statements (if currently processing)
The application should be returned by mail ( or overnighted) to:
ACH Payments 15 Ingersol RD Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
Please contact us with any questions. Thank you.


1) Can I use my bank to receive payments?

-Yes. You provide us a voided check on the bank account you would like funded.

2) How long is the approval process?

-3 to 4 days for ACH (checking/savings) and about 1 week for credit cards.

3) Is this safe for me and my students?

-Absolutely. All the transactions that you enter are done via a secure web site. Essentially that means you data is very safe and encrypted. Your students (and you) are protected by banking rules against unauthorized debits. The bank is legally obligated to replace funds taken without authorization (60 day window of time)

4) Do I need to have my student sign anything?

-Yes. If you are performing recurring debits you should have students sign an agreement stating they give you authorization to debit their account. You can obtain a sample form here (edit to your needs)

Authorization for Payment

5) Can you make changes to scheduled payments?

-Yes. each recurring payment can be easily edited.

6) Can I process one time and recurring payments?

-Yes. Both are easily accomplished.

7) How long have you been in business and can we be confident this product will meet our need now and in the future.

-YES. We have been in business for since 1998 and process millions of transactions for major companies and small businesses alike.

8) Any suggestions for implementing the program with our students?

-You should promote and push this option at every opportunity. IT SAVES TIME AND MONEY. You may seriously consider making participation mandatory.

9) How is support handled?

-You can call an 866.290.5400 for support 8am-7pm CST.

If you have additional questions please contact us.