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ACH Integration Solutions

ACH Integration Solutions allow developers and SaaS platforms to automate payment collection, disbursement and reconciliation. The ACH option allows for the utilization of an ACH API [Application Programming Interface], and the debiting/crediting of checking/savings accounts via the ACH network. Paper checks are susceptible to fraudulence, and are too burdensome and expensive to handle for organizations […]

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ACH Virtual Terminal Companies

A Virtual Terminal is an application service accessed through the web that allows you to securely accept payments (single and/or recurring) via ACH [echeck] or credit card/debit card, and provides decline handling. ACH Virtual Terminal Companies can connect to multiple back end credit card processors. ACH Virtual Terminal Companies offer their users: Website payment tools: […]

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ACH Check Verification Companies

Merchants can mitigate point of sale check acceptance risk (in person and online) by utilizing ACH Check Verification Companies. Check verification companies offer options ranging from automated routing number checks, negative databases, and almost real-time inquiries into current checking account status. These inquiries require the customer to log-in or provide credentials to their online banking […]

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ach website payments

Integrating ACH for a Website

If you have come to the realization that your website needs to integrate for acceptance of ACH payments, there are a number of methods that you can decide from. Commonly, the driving factor for a website ACH integration is the reduced processing costs in comparison to credit card processing costs. Websites that only accept credit […]

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ACH and Credit Card Integration

Should You Integrate for ACH and Credit Cards?

Software applications serving a vertical base of using organizations and businesses that have a payments component requirement will no doubt integrate to a processing API at some point in time. Usually sooner rather than later. One question they often face is should we integrate for ACH as well as credit cards? Credit cards are the […]

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ACH Payment Gateway

ACH Processing Solutions

ACH Processing Solutions ACH Processing Solutions: What Your Business Needs To Know The ACH Processing network allows for electronic debiting [and crediting] of checking and savings accounts. ACH Payments are an especially attractive option for recurring payments billers. In the US we have two main payment rails. One is credit/debit card processing and the second […]

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High Risk ACH Processing Loan Collection

High Risk ACH Processing Loan Collection High Risk ACH processing involves an ACH debit to a consumer or business checking account  where there is a higher probability of that debit being challenged by that customer/business as either “Not Being Authorized” or if consumer is unhappy “Authorization Revoked”. A  High Risk ACH Processing Loan Collection Solution […]

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ACH website payments - PCI

ACH Website Payments – Is PCI Compliance Required?

The short answer is no, but that needs some explaining. If your organization or business has a website and seeks to accept ACH website payments from users on your website, it would definitely be best practice to see to it that the method you employ would be a PCI compliant one. While NACHA doesn’t mandate […]

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ACH Payment Gateway

What is an ACH Payment Gateway?

Everyone that has anything to do with selling anything online has heard the term payment gateway. So exactly what in an ACH Payment Gateway and what does it do? We need to understand that the ACH Network, which is administered by NACHA, is a batch network. It doesn’t provide the ability to reserve funds like […]

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ACH Payment Gateway

Canada EFT Providers

Cross border payments are not available in Canada. This means that funds are required to be collected and settled in the same denomination.  A Canadian bank account to settle funds into is a necessity for U.S. based companies interested in debiting Canadian customers. Implementing Canada EFT Providers is a simple and affordable solution to managing […]

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