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Gene is a 19 year veteran of the electronic payments industry and has consulted with countless companies of all sizes. He has overseen large underwriting portfolios, directed IT staff, and currently serves as the Director of Business Development. Gene has appeared before the U.S. Congress to provide expert opinions regarding developing technology and transaction risks towards solutions for the payroll industry. You can find him on LinkedIn>.
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ach website payments

Integrating ACH for a Website

If you have come to the realization that your website needs to integrate for acceptance of ACH payments, there are a number of methods that you can decide from. Commonly, the driving factor for a website ACH integration is the reduced processing costs in comparison to credit card processing costs. Websites that only accept credit […]

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ACH and Credit Card Integration

Should You Integrate for ACH and Credit Cards?

Software applications serving a vertical base of using organizations and businesses that have a payments component requirement will no doubt integrate to a processing API at some point in time. Usually sooner rather than later. One question they often face is should we integrate for ACH as well as credit cards? Credit cards are the […]

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ACH website payments - PCI

ACH Website Payments – Is PCI Compliance Required?

The short answer is no, but that needs some explaining. If your organization or business has a website and seeks to accept ACH website payments from users on your website, it would definitely be best practice to see to it that the method you employ would be a PCI compliant one. While NACHA doesn’t mandate […]

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ACH gateway

What is an ACH Payment Gateway?

Everyone that has anything to do with selling anything online has heard the term payment gateway. So exactly what in an ACH Payment Gateway and what does it do? We need to understand that the ACH Network, which is administered by NACHA, is a batch network. It doesn’t provide the ability to reserve funds like […]

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ACH payment gateway decisions

ACH Payment Gateway Decision Making Tips

Transaction origination, management and reporting tools and methods to an ACH Payment Gateway. The first decision your organization will likely conclude on is whether you will require an API integration method or whether you can rely on pre-built software tools. Generally speaking, the larger the organization, the greater the likelihood that an API integration will […]

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ACH Subscription Payments

Subscription Payments for Websites

For websites that sell products or services that are of a subscription nature and involve recurring payments, adding functionality for ACH website payments can be extremely beneficial. The primary reason being that ACH payments are far less expensive in processing costs than credit cards. Subscription based products and services are generally valued and relied upon […]

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ACH and Credit Card Integration

3 Tips For Accepting Both ACH and Credit Cards

Credit card transactions dominate the online payment space, but having the additional payment rail of ACH can be a huge advantage, especially for businesses and organizations who have recurring payments requirements. Here are a few things you will want to look for if you or your application need to accept both ACH and Credit Card […]

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credit card and ACH integration

ACH and Credit Cards – A Single Integration

Software platforms that are used by multiple organizations and businesses that have a need for a payments component generally have a need for integrating to a credit card processing API. It’s usually later on that integrating to an ACH processing API comes to light as being an advantage to the using organizations. In an ideal […]

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ACH Payment Gateway

Top 3 Advantages Of An ACH Payment Gateway

Top 3 Advantages of an ACH Payment Gateway It’s no secret that businesses and organizations that have a subscription model or simply have a recurring payments component are likely to utilize ACH payments. The primary reasons for this are because: Businesses and organizations who have customers of a recurring nature typically know their customers far […]

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ACH and Credit Card Integration

Integrated Credit Card and ACH Processing.

Integrated credit card and ACH processing, we have it here for you at For more than 19 years, we have been leaders in providing processing solutions that encompass both the ACH and credit card rails. Having both credit card and ACH processing has advantages for using organizations. It’s not only convenient for you to […]

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