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Payment Processing as an integrated marketing tool?

Consumers today are constantly bombarded with marketing messages. As a result the ability to secure their attention is increasingly more difficult. Checking email for most consumers is an exercise in hitting the delete key. Telemarketing is almost impossible. Direct mail can be successful but there are many challenges.

Your current client base is your most valuable asset. Providing them a decent product at reasonable prices is not enough to keep your business top of mind. Ideally your clients are so happy with what they receive from your business that a) they can’t possibly consider using another service and b) they become evangelists for your business, sharing with their friends and business partners how thrilled they are.

Delivering a great customer experience is extremely important and has to considered job one. There are instances when you can reinforce how much you appreciate their business and the best time to do this is after a sale. In a retail environment it should be fairly straightforward to have an appreciation message auto-print on every receipt. You can offer a coupon on future visit or how about cooperating with local businesses for cross promoting services.

For this who bill via an automated payment plan [via ACH or credit card] your processing provider should be able to provide the technology to email a receipt. There should be customization options [usually via a Virtual Terminal] and here is where you can deliver your message. Most customers will open and read a receipt email. Tell them how much you appreciate their business/upsell/cross sell services. Partner up with similar businesses and you may be able to generate referral or advertising revenues.

Keep your customers first and build your fence around them using an integrated marketing plan.

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