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Save on ACH Payment Fees

How much can ACH Payment Processing Save Your Business?

How much can ACH Payment Processing Save Your Business? If your business bills customers for recurring or subscription payments you absolutely MUST consider ACH Payment Processing Solutions. Why? There are 2 BIG reasons. The first is that compared to credit cards you see much lower payment decline rates. Credit card declines can easily exceed 10% […]

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Top 8 Things to Look for From Your ACH Payment Gateway Provider

What is an ACH Payment Gateway? ACH Payment Gateways allow SaaS platforms to securely connect to an ACH/credit card payment disbursement solution. The Payment Gateway serves as the safekeep to move sensitive credit card or bank account information between the application user and the back end payment processor. What to Look For in an ACH […]

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Top 5 Reasons Businesses Should Use ACH Payment Processing For Recurring Payments

Top 5 Reasons Businesses Should Use ACH Payment Processing For Recurring Payments ACH Payment Processing is ideal for recurring payments where the business is collecting regular payments for services or goods. Subscription billers should all be using ACH payments. Here are the Top Reasons: ACH Payment processing costs are 80-90%+ less expensive than comparable credit […]

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IVR Payments via ECheck

IVR Payments via ECheck usage in late payment collection Interactive Voice Response (IVR) as an automation tool has been around for many years. Recently there have been tech improvements that allow organizations to use modular drag and drop architecture to build IVR ACH and IVR ECheck Payment Solutions. What might have taken weeks and many […]

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Cut payment collection costs 50% using IVR ACH Payments

Cut payment collection costs 50% using IVR ACH Payments Interactive voice response technology allows people to interact with telephones in an automated way. Businesses can leverage this technology to allow customers to pay invoices or amounts due without the need for a customer service agent to be on the phone. ACH Payment Processing allows you […]

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ACH IVR Payment Solutions

ACH Payment Processing with IVR Payments IVR Payments and ACH Processing Payment collection is arguably the most important part of any business. Organizations today need to offer as many payment options as possible, making customer payments as simple and painless as possible. One option is to utilize ACH payment processing via IVR Payments. Organizations and […]

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ACH Payment Gateway

ACH Processing and StartUps

ACH Processing for StartUps We regularly field inquiries from start-ups as well as established businesses that believe they have an app that can become the next Venmo. Venmo allows person to person or P2P payments. The startup wants to replicate the easy moving of money using an ACH Processing Solution. Many times we listen to […]

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Validating Checking Account Ownership: What your Business Needs to Know

Validating Checking Account Ownership via a payment gateway provider supplies businesses with instant, extensive insight surrounding the business (or individual) whose check payment your business wants to accept or enroll in a recurring billing plan. Technological advances now make it possible for businesses to verify bank account ownership with real-time checking account verification that confirms […]

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Low Cost ACH Payment Processing

Low Cost ACH Processing Solutions ACH Processing offers significant costs savings versus credit card. With recurring payments you could expect to pay an average of 2.5% or more as total cost. So for every $100 customer debit you have $2.50 in fees. Cutting your margin by 2.5% can be difficult for businesses especially those in […]

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Canada EFT Companies

Utilizing Canada EFT Companies is the easiest and most cost effective solutions to managing Canadian ACH, allowing businesses based in Canada to debit checking accounts for one-time or recurring payments. Funds must be collected and settled in the same denomination because cross border payments are unavailable .  A Canadian bank account to settle funds into […]

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