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ACH website payments - PCI

ACH Website Payments – Is PCI Compliance Required?

The short answer is no, but that needs some explaining. If your organization or business has a website and seeks to accept ACH website payments from users on your website, it would definitely be best practice to see to it that the method you employ would be a PCI compliant one. While NACHA doesn’t mandate […]

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ACH Subscription Payments

Subscription Payments for Websites

For websites that sell products or services that are of a subscription nature and involve recurring payments, adding functionality for ACH website payments can be extremely beneficial. The primary reason being that ACH payments are far less expensive in processing costs than credit cards. Subscription based products and services are generally valued and relied upon […]

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declined credit cards

Why ACH Website Payments Make Sense

Some merchants may consider adding ACH website payments at some point in time to their existing mix of payment rails that they currently use for accepting payments. Here are a few reasons for consideration on why that might be a good idea. Credit Card Decline Rates It’s very common for a merchant to have credit […]

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ACH website payments

Integrating ACH Website Payments

You’re a merchant who provides a service or product via your website and you have some to the conclusion that you would like to make purchases possible by using ACH website payments. Now comes the decision on what ACH vendor you will use, and part of that decision making process revolves around the integration method, […]

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Pricing Models – ACH Website Payments

For merchants who sell products or services via their website, there are a plethora of methods to add a payment form. Choosing on that facilitates ACH website payments narrows the available options. In some cases the ACH payment functionality might be available, but at a costs that is not advantageous for the merchant. Here are […]

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