Top 8 Things to Look for From Your ACH Payment Gateway Provider

What is an ACH Payment Gateway?

ACH Payment Gateways allow SaaS platforms to securely connect to an ACH/credit card payment disbursement solution. The Payment Gateway serves as the safekeep to move sensitive credit card or bank account information between the application user and the back end payment processor.

What to Look For in an ACH Payment Gateway?

Choosing a payment gateway integration partner[s] should be based on the potential for the partner to actually help grow their business. Here are 8 specific things to look for in an ideal payment gateway partner.

  1. Is Integration Support Offered? The ability to get in touch with professionals on the gateway’s integration technical support team is a must. 
  2. How is Sensitive Data Handled? The gateway partner should be tokenizing sensitive data, leaving you with nothing to store other than a reference token that’s not usable should a breach occur. 
  3. What Types of Reporting are Available? A good gateway integration will provide multiple ways to obtain reporting (e.g. online portal with dashboard views and search functionality). 
  4. Is There Omni Channel Functionality? In 2020 an ACH processing payment gateway must offer support for phones, tablets, desktop, point of sale and specialty hardware devices. 
  5. Options for Managing Recurring Payments? An ideal payment integration API will have functionality that supports recurring payments. 
  6. Robust  ACH API? Payments functionality is integrated into platforms that are used in differing ways by many different organizations. The API should provide all the needs of the integrating organization, be easy to use and supply example code for commonly used languages.
  7. What Infrastructure is Offered? Are power back-up capabilities and co-locations offered? 
  8. Is Speed Adequate? Make sure to look for sub-one second response times.


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