Why Software Applications Benefit From Integrating To An ACH Payment Gateway

SaaS organizations that choose to integrate to an ACH Payment Gateway benefit in a number of ways. Let’s examine a few:

Providing a Value-add Feature

Software applications that are available for other organizations to use in managing their customer base, and whose users have a ACH Payment Gatewayrequirement for ACH processing, are providing an integrated service that reduces time in managing and organizing the ACH transactions by integrating to the ACH payment gateway.

Instead of a business or organization having to manage the ACH transactions from a separate system, all can be managed from within the application that they are currently subscribed and using for managing their customer base. Doing so requires an integration effort, but in today’s competitive environment of SaaS it’s become expected for the software application to provide this as part of their feature base.

This is especially true for Software applications that have a user base that has a business model of a subscription based nature that include recurring payments. Subscription based models are far more likely to rely on ACH payments than companies or organizations that provide more of a one-off purchase model. Software applications that support subscription based models are leaving a valuable feature off of what many prospective clients are looking for.

Providing An Avenue To Reduce Processing Costs

Simply put, ACH transaction fees are much lower than credit card processing. In models where ACH processing is an acceptable payment modal, processing organizations are leaving money on the table if they are not accepting ACH payments. This, again, is especially true for organizations that have recurring payments as part of their business model.

A typical internet based credit card transaction in the amount of $100.00 costs an organization around $2.75. That same payment if processed as an ACH transaction would cost the organization less than 30 cents. Those processing costs add up. Especially for an organization with a substantial customer base. An organization with a thousand receivable payments every month at that same $100.00 figure would be spending $2,750 monthly, or $33,000 on an annual basis. Converting just half of those annual transactions contributes in excess of $30,000 back to their bottom line by way of a processing cost reduction.

No matter if the software application is meant for other organizations or if it’s an application specific to a single organization, it would be foolish to not provide an integration to an ACH Payment Gateway.

Providing A Single Source For Reconciliation

Integrating to an ACH Payment Gateway should provide for a flow of transactional data to and from the ACH gateway. Doing so means that application users do not have to rely on a third-party application to view or export their transaction reporting into their CRM or ERP application. Moreover, in some ACH Payment Gateway integrations the flow of data can be live, meaning that as the gateway receives the data from the receiving banks, the data is posted as it is returned to the gateway, in near real-time. Reconciliation becomes a much simpler task for account departments using the application.

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