ACH Fees

Calculate estimated savings* using ACH Processing for Recurring Payments versus credit cards. Not only do you save money on payment fees but ACH

Save on ACH Fees

decline rates typically average 1-2% versus 10+% declines on recurring credit cards.


1 Enter # of Customers being billed via credit card on monthly basis
2 Average debit amount
3 % of customers that are using business credit card. Enter 10% as 10
4 Current credit card declne rate. Enter 10% as 10
5 Estimated monthly costs to process cards and deal with payment rejects =
6 Estimated costs if all customer were migrated to ACH
7 Estimated monthly savings
8 Estimated Annual savings



*Calculation based on:

Credit cards-Blended rate of 2.5% for non commercial cards, 3.2% for commercial. Estimated cost to collect failed credit cards = 15% of debit amount.

ACH-flat .25 [25 cents per transaction] and $2 per return with 1.5% decline rate.


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