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Setting up ACH Payments Gateway for Your Business – One Connection, Endless Opportunities

Business might be able to build the finest level of infrastructure possible, and provide the very best services and get great sales, but the part where they actually receive payments is where it all culminates. Nothing else matters if the payments don’t get to you; which is why there are numerous payment processing companies working around the globe to provide streamlined services in this regard to businesses.

The Role of Payment Gateways

The latest phenomenon that has taken the payment industry by storm is of ACH payments. These are electronic fund transfers between banks and have gotten increasingly common in recent times. Many businesses all over the world have shifted to an increasing usage of this method. All transactions of this sort are performed through a specialized ACH payments gateway. These gateways, while being reasonably easy to setup, play a huge role in the business since all transactions, be they credit or debit, go through this system. Thus, it is of utmost importance that you pick the right gateway solution provider for your firm’s ACH payments gateway.

Security is Essential

Since all financial transactions for the business are going to be handled through the payments gateway, security becomes a huge concern. No one wants their business accounts to handled lightly; therefore, one should do the proper research and assure themselves of top-notch security when choosing a payment gateway solution. More upscale solution providers have their client’s business gateways fitted with military grade encryption, ensuring the highest levels of security. Risk mitigation tools and anti-fraud service suites should be included with an ideal ACH payments gateway so you can have peace of mind when tying the system into major credit card processors for your company.

Value Added Features

While payment gateway solutions are available a dime a dozen, the list of good ones comprises of only a select few. These solution providers generally deal with all kinds of scale of businesses, from a sole proprietorship, to huge corporate level firms, and provide a bespoke set of features that is ideal for the needs of the respective business. Standard features that one can expect from such providers include a single transmission gateway for all ACH (e-check) transactions and credit card transactions. Both can be managed through your business’ existing merchant account if need be. This level of integration makes it considerable easy for business owners to generate detailed reports on all transactions, since all of them are handled through a single transmission vehicle.

With the number of options that are available in the market today for such type of solutions for businesses at all scales, it has gotten quite difficult to make a prudent decision. One needs to keep in mind the key criteria when judging an ACH payments gateway for its feasibility as per your business’ needs. Security levels, both for your business and your clients, is a critical factor on which one must judge the effectiveness of a gateway solution. Secondly, the available features; and lastly, the reputation and experience of the chosen provider in the same industry you’re in. Keep these in mind, and you’re unlikely to be led astray.