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Creating a Predictable Cash Flow Using ACH Processing

Who doesn’t want the peace of mind that comes with a predictable cash flow? Business owners in the current era crave the knowledge and surety of knowing exactly when future payments are going to be received. To attain such peace of mind, ACH processing solutions are being used in an increasing manner in the industry today. While ACH transactions have become commonplace in the United States, a large number of businesses fail to utilize the incredible potential that can be unleashed if the right ACH processing solutions are used.

How Does That Help My Cash Flow Predictability

Using modern business solutions for ACH payments, processing has become more streamlined than ever before. This enables businesses to integrate client accounts along with future payments, directly into the system. When this happens, business owners are assured of the payments along with the surety of the date of future payments that will originate from the client’s end. With such capabilities, businesses can rest easy knowing the payments that are due will surely be received in time, thus creating a predictable cash flow.

Why Use 3rd Party Processing Solutions

In the US, all Automated Clearing House (ACH) transactions are operated on the backend by either the Federal Reserve Banks, or the EPN. To streamline each transaction, businesses tend to opt for 3rd party solutions for ACH processing. A huge array of services is being provided by such solution providers which offer an increased level of convenience and flexibility when it comes to ACH payments. Some of the most in-demand services for businesses currently include:

  • Management of both single and recurring electronic checks
  • Automation and management of credit and debit transactions for the business
  • Extensive reporting system for transactions
  • Capability for adding an unlimited number of users for the processing system
  • Setting up configurable permissions for each user depending on their level in the organization’s hierarchy
  • Automated handling for Not-Sufficient-Funds errors
  • Implementing tokenization to integrate client accounts and transactions
  • Host of risk mitigation tools
  • A single point of origination utilizing the solution provider’s systems to transmit credit card payments


Fortifying Your Business’ Bottom-line

Multiple methods for ACH processing are employed by various business solution providers. In most cases, businesses often require a specific implementation of a payment processing system to suit their needs and infrastructure. More upscale payment processors tend to go for custom solutions, tailoring the processing system as per the business’ demands. For small business, the easy-to-use virtual terminal method is employed to process and payments remotely. The method is easy to integrate with most existing company software. Once you move up the spectrum, state-of-the-art solutions that involve complete integration with the firm’s application programming interface are also available for larger businesses with hefty transactional requirements.

To survive and then thrive in the current business arena, using ACH processing has become a must. With e-commerce becoming increasingly common across business platforms, implementing bespoke ACH payment processing has become a strategic decision, more so for businesses which depend largely on recurring transactions.