6 Tips for Finding New Employees with Email and Social Media

find-employeeYou may already know social media and email campaigns can bring in new customers to your business. But what about bringing in new employees?

Many small business owners find that the hunt for the right person to fill a position is one of their greatest challenges. After all, your success in growing and improving your business depends on a quality staff. The pressure is on to find an asset to your company.

But the process does not have to be stressful! Using the same tools you know from marketing your business, recruitment can be easy. Check out these 6 tips to finding your perfect employee.

1. Don’t Rule Out Email

Though an email campaign may not be the first thing you think of when looking to hire, it can be your best friend. You likely already have a valuable opt-in email list of followers, colleagues, and peers, so why not reach out to them? Emails are easily sent using a professional email marketing program such as iContact or Constant Contact. These emails are easily trackable, and can showcase your text, images, and links all in one place for potential employees.

2. Customize Your Emails

A great thing about email campaigns for recruitment is the ability to customize them for different audiences. Try creating different templates for the groups of people you reach out to. Making emails a little more specific and relevant to an audience could make all the difference in finding that new hire. Don’t forget a call to action–make sure your recipients know they can either email you or click a link to apply.

3. Harness Social Media Power

More than half of Americans use social media for their job hunt. This means that your presence on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn could be crucial to finding that next employee. By cross-promoting your open jobs on different social media platforms using a social media management tool, you can quickly reach the largest possible audience of job hunters.

4. Seek People Out

Utilize the search capabilities of social media sites. This allows you to directly seek out people who are already in the job field you’re looking for. Start a conversation, tell them about your job opportunity, or ask for a referral—you can do some of the hunting too, instead of waiting for people to find you!

5. Stand Out from the Crowd

The one downside of social media is the possibility that your job opening will get swallowed up in all of the other content social media users are receiving. Separate yourself from the pack by experimenting with photos and videos alongside engaging text that goes beyond the usual “Help Wanted” or “Now Hiring.”

6. Integrate!

Finally, see what the combined power of email and social media can do! Encourage your email recipients to share the job opening with their social media followers, and share your recruitment email on social media, too. By covering all of these bases, you are sure to find the next great addition to your company.

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