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Lee is a computer expert and writer with a background in technical writing, Internet marketing, blogging and website design.
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testing social media

How to Test Your Social Media Content — and Why

Did you know that while more than 70 percent of brands have a strategy for social media, only a third of them test their content? A report by the Association of National Advertisers shows that many businesses are neglecting to test the content they put out on social media. Those that do use social media […]

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Building a Successful Email List to Boost Business

Like the inexperienced dog who has treed a squirrel, many businesses have an email list but don’t really know what to do with it. Collecting email addresses and getting permission to send is one thing. Turning that list into dollars is another. Sometimes the email addresses just accumulate — for years. Sometimes businesses send out […]

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smartphone business video

Five Tips for Improving Your Business’s Smartphone Videos

Expectations are fairly high when it comes to business videos – especially in terms of quantity. YouTube is the second-largest search engine, so you need to upload as many quality videos as possible. People expect to see punchy videos on your website and throughout your social media channels. How do you keep the quality up […]

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google plus screen shot

Getting Your Business On Google Plus: Why and How

Google Plus is becoming an important social media channel for businesses. Did you know that your Google rankings are influenced by your activity on Google Plus? Therefore, if you are not using G+ yet, you need to join the 300 million active users who already understand its importance. G+ is an excellent way to reach […]

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special offer

How to Make an Effective Special Offer: Ideas for Small Businesses

When small businesses are trying to drum up business, they usually come up with several ideas for special offers. There are an infinite number of possibilities for specials, discounts, packages and coupons. But one crucial element is the offer’s effectiveness. You need to make a special offer that gets results without costing you too much […]

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content plan

Create a Content Plan for Your Business: Blogging, Social Media and Email Marketing

If you run a business, you know that traditional advertising is over. To succeed in the world of online marketing, most businesses are advised to start creating content. Content, such as text, videos, articles, and photos act as “bait” to get potential customers engaged with your company. Content is the fodder of social media, search […]

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work-from-home distractions

Maintaining Your Motivation and Focus with a Home-Based Business

Your home-based business is up and running and progressing nicely toward your goals. But other businesses like yours have faltered at this point, often because the owner has not focused enough attention on the key requirements of the business. This is usually due to distractions and other obstacles that are more common in home-based businesses […]

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seo and keywords

Research Your Business’s Keywords for Better SEO

The decision to start blogging in order to attract customers to your website is an easy one. In fact, it’s more or less a requirement in today’s marketing climate. You know you need to create articles on topics your potential clients will be interested in reading, and you know you need to pepper your articles […]

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business youtube playlist example

YouTube Playlists Can Help Market Your Business

It’s clear that YouTube can help your business, but adding lots of your own videos takes time and resources. While you channel is getting built up, you can become a “content curator” to draw people in. This means that you can screen existing videos and build up “Playlists” that your clientele will find useful. Then, […]

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local search marketing

Improve Your Business’s Online Local Listings

If you run a business that serves local customers, it’s time to evaluate your local listings. If you are getting found in searches related to your customers’ location, you will bring in more customers. If you aren’t, you will never know how much business you are missing. Keep reading to find 5 easy steps for […]

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