How to Turn Email Marketing into Success

If anyone thinks that email marketing has seen its most relevant and productive days—think again. Email marketing is alive and here to stay. Anything you hear about email’s co-called woeful death, is greatly exaggerated.

The truth is, email marketing can be one of the most effective channels for marketers when it comes to realizing an effective ROI. Here’s the great news. The direct Marketing Association has a 2015 report stating that email marketing may provide $58 for every $1 spent. Of course, email marketing success depends on the product/service, and marketing team strengths.

There Are No Magic Email Marketing Formulas

There are no magic formulas for crafting and sending the perfect email to customers. However, there are a number of reasons why potential customers are not likely to respond.

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#1. No one likes reading a long email.

Statistics indicate that an email only has three seconds to grab someone’s attention, five seconds to draw them in, and seven seconds to inspire action. If you fail in these three steps, your email is wasted. Always keep your emails short and to the point. Make sure they catch the attention of readers.

#2. No one likes reading an automated message.

People are smart; they can tell when a mass email has been sent. Regardless of the message, what they see is “I sent this email out to thousands of people, and you’re one of them.” These are formulaic emails and do nothing to build business relationships between a business and its clients.

It may take a little time, or you may have to hire someone to write your emails, but a personal touch can go a long way in establishing a relationship with each customer.

Use the customer’s name and thank them for making contact. Speak to the customer’s needs and answer questions. Also, keep in mind that no one wants to read a novel. Stay on topic.

#3. Emails can be too dense as well.

A major email marketing crime is packing too much information into a limited space. The experts recommend breaking things up into compact paragraphs with important words or questions using bold text.

This also makes emails easier to read and scan. You’ll likely improve impact, aesthetics, and readability—which an all enhance sales. Revisit some of the old rules about writing paragraphs, etc.

#4. If you’re guilty of writing emails as if the world revolves around you, you could be doing yourself a lot of harm.

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Too many marketers try to impress customers with a long list of their accomplishments and skills. Remember, it’s not about you. It’s always about the customer.

You’ll note that these are emails that are written in the first person: I, we, us, our, me, and my etc. When sentences begin in this manner, you can rest assured there will be numerous self-centered claims. Always give your customers information about how they will benefit from your product and why you should be chosen over the competition.

#5. Never allow your emails to become vague.

The moment a customer opens your email, they should know exactly who you are, what you’re offering, and why you’re offering it. Too many marketers also make the mistake of making demands, as opposed to expressing gratitude. Those demands often sound like, “Make a comment, share this post with your network, review my product, or check out the following information” etc. Ask your readers to do only one thing, and keep that one thing simple.

#6. Stop giving your customers a reason not to answer or respond.

Never tell them that you’re sorry for taking up their time, or that you know how busy they are, or that you understand their workload might cause them to overlook your product. They’ll happily take your advice without feeling any remorse whatsoever.

Telling your customers that “you’re a small company but that you can deliver” may work against you as well. Appearing “too” meek can have the same effect as appearing to be too arrogant. Like anything in life, you should never minimize your own brand. If you’re creative, state it. If you can deliver like no one else can, share that information. When you believe in yourself others will too.

#7. Stop being so formal in your emails.

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You have the opportunity to lighten up and to still present yourself as a professional. Presenting yourself as if you’re having a warm or friendly conversation always works best. Or, consider that you can send emails that sound as if you’ve met someone for the first time.

This allows you to be professional, respectful, and even fun. You know the old saying. “Write the way you talk.” Then your written language comes off as being completely natural.

#8. You can also make a mistake by not being formal enough.

Reaching out to a person and pretending that you know them because you’ve heard about them, or that you’re read a series of their articles, can offend the other person. Asking a person to take action too soon can also turn that person off. In this scenario, you’re being too informal. You have to take time to earn their trust.

#9. Another mistake made in email marketing campaigns is that marketers don’t make proper use of sign-up forms.

These forms can be used on social media channels, blogs, and websites. Of course, you should provide something amazing to sign up for. A sign-up form is an excellent way to grow your list of contacts.

If someone signs your form, they’re giving consent to receive your content. It’s a sure way of knowing that someone is interested and that they give their consent to hearing more. And when you send content, they’re more likely to engage with it.

#10. You can also make the mistake of not sending a “welcome’ email.

All it has to do is thank the subscriber for their business and interest. Your subscriber will be most engaged with your product during the first 48 hours.

#11. Make sure your email subject line doesn’t make people set the “snooze” button.

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The average individual receives close to 130 emails a day. Consider that this doesn’t even include personal emails. Inboxes are full. This is why it’s so important that your email stand out in some significant way. Your subject line has to be compelling or you risk not having it opened.

#12. Many marketers fail to segment their email blasts or messages.

It’s okay to divide your content into sub-groups. The purpose is to target and impact customers who may be more open and receptive to your message.

Segmenting also allows you to target and inspire actions or areas of interest. An example would be targeting a group that prefers oil to acrylic painting. Or, a group that prefers white wine to red wine. Another example could be targeting a group of people who prefer renting an apartment vs. a house.

#13. Another mistake is sending out emails that aren’t visually appealing.

This might sound harsh, but ugly emails won’t get the job done. There’s enough software out there to ensure that your emails look great and that the user experience will be a pleasant one.

#14. Sending emails that aren’t relevant to what people are interested in can be a bad thing.

There are millions of emails that go out each day with material and content that people simply aren’t interested in. You have only to check your email spam folder.

Those emails comprise something that someone sent you—that they keep sending. If you do send a cold email, make sure it’s totally relevant to a person’s interests and needs.

Several Additional Rules for Writing Effective Emails

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You can always start your email with a personal statement that gets their attention. While it’s always good to get to the point, a personal email can warm things up. Keep in mind that emotions can also seep through your fingertips into the email message.

The fact that there is no facial expression to help soften your words may complicate matters. If your emotions seem to have the upper hand, you may want to delay writing any emails.

While we’re not endorsing any particular email marketing software package over another, your team can choose from such packages as Campaign Monitor,, Infusionsoft, Delivra, and a host of other popular platforms.

An email campaign can be an effective, and inexpensive way to reach and communicate with customers. It’s all about staying on the top of the knowledge and tools that can keep your company way ahead of the competition. If you’re new to email marketing, hire a professional who can bring you up to speed. Or, dedicate a team member to the task of becoming an expert. The effort spent will pay back big dividends down the road.


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