Martial Arts Billing Practices

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At ACH Payments we have spoken with a number of martial arts studios and have come to believe that the billing solutions being advertised/touted in the many publications are NOT in the studio owner’s best interest.

The majority of providers charge % fees for ACH transactions. The martial arts business is not  high risk and typically the studio should NEVER pay a 2-4% fee [ or any percentage] on tuition charges. Credit card rates that should average 2-3% charged at 5% were common as well. Bottom line was studio owners were paying WAY too much in fees.

We believed we could offer a better solution and approached a major magazine publisher that delivered information to studio owners. When they looked at the advertising we proposed [exposing billing overcharges] they declined publication.

It seems there is widespread collusion to keep martial arts business people as uninformed as possible to billing options.

To view a white paper authored by a studio owner like you who examined the various martial arts billing and payment solutions best fit for their studio, complete the form below to download.

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