SaaS ACH Processing

We work with SaaS platforms looking to embed ACH Payment Processing solutions into their application. Using a feature-rich ACH Payment Processing API gives out elegant payment and reconciliation solutions. By offering your SaaS platform base as an economical and reliable payment collection tool, your application becomes more valuable to your clients.

In addition, it’s very easy to create a revenue stream from payments. So your SaaS platform customer base wins, and your business wins as well.

What Should a Business Look For in an ACH Integration API?

  • Can your SaaS leverage the ACH Payment Processing Integration for your apps’ revenue stream? If you offer your clients payment solutions, your ACH partner should provide a revenue share.
  • Is there an ACH Payment Processing API that would allow your customers to apply from your site or app?
    Are there other payment utilities available e.g. IVR and SMS payments?
  • Does the platform meet PCI Security standards (though NACHA does not require ACH transactions to be PCI compliant)?
  • Does the partner provide assistance in ACH payment processing adoption for you and your user clients?
  • Does the ACH Payment Processing API offer additional utilities to make calls for anti-fraud and risk mitigation?
  • For market bases that include Canada: does the partner provide a single ACH Payment Processing API for both United States ACH and Canadian EFT?
  • Is sensitive data tokenized?
  • ACH Payment Processing APIavailability: Does the partner offer RESTful or SOAP ACH transaction integration, or both?
  • How long has your potential integration partner been serving the needs of app providers, and what is their track record?
  • Are there white-label possibilities that might allow for a branded processing option, keeping the ACH processor behind the scene?
  • Can risk acceptance models lower processing costs?
  • Will your potential partner take the time to understand your business requirements and provide options that custom fit the payment needs of you and your clients?

To learn more about the SaaS platform ACH Payment solutions, contact us today.