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referral from an email

Get Referrals from Your Email Marketing

Getting more customer referrals through your email marketing is a great way to increase business. But how do you ask for referrals without feeling uncomfortable or pushy? Try these easy ways to get more referrals from your opt-in email list without wrecking your relationship with your subscribers. When was the last time you saw a […]

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email marketing tools

Tools for Efficient Email Marketing

Most businesses value being efficient in everything, and this includes email marketing. Sending emails to your opt-in list is important for building relationships and making sales. It’s easy to get pulled into spending time on email marketing activities that could be automated. This riddle illustrates the point: “How many marketers does it take to change […]

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smartphone email

Do Email Marketing from Your SmartPhone

The age of the smart phone is fully upon our society. An astounding amount of business can now be performed strictly through the use of your favorite mobile devices. Pay bills, watch movies, schedule appointments or write a novel: it’s all possible to do from the palm of your hand. Early on in the Internet […]

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mouse click

Make Better Emails by Tracking Clicks

Here is secret to creating more effective mass emails over time: track “clicks”. This means learning which types of content inspire your subscribers to “click” on a link in your email. Analyzing exactly how your subscribers interacted with your email will help you make better emails in the future. It is also helpful to find […]

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don't attach images to your emails

Best Practices for Images in Email Marketing

When you send an email to your opt-in list, what are the best ways to handle images? How you manage images can strongly influence your email’s success. Make sure the images are inserted correctly,  and balanced with the right amount of text. Avoid Attachments Do not attach images to your email. Why? Computer users have […]

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