Do Email Marketing from Your SmartPhone

smartphone emailThe age of the smart phone is fully upon our society. An astounding amount of business can now be performed strictly through the use of your favorite mobile devices. Pay bills, watch movies, schedule appointments or write a novel: it’s all possible to do from the palm of your hand.

Early on in the Internet age, marketers discovered the power of direct email contact with their customers. Now, with up to 43% of emails getting read on a smartphones, it has created a new avenue for marketers. We already discussed how to make the actual email content more friendly to mobile users and what that can mean for conversion rates. The question is how to get your optimized emails in front of a larger audience.

iContact offers a convenient mobile application for sending emails, monitoring campaigns, and maintaining your subscriber list. Constant Contact has its own variation called Quickview, which allows you to create and managing of email campaigns directly on your smartphone. The mobile flexibility of Quickview means that you can add new contacts on the go and reach out to them immediately. A lead’s contact information can now be entered directly into your email campaign lists. Think of Quickview as an electronic replacement for a stack of business cards.

Speaking of business cards, the Captricity app makes importing contact information a breeze. Simply snap a photo of information forms or business cards and import the digitized data into your contact lists. Another creative way to involve the smartphone in the contact list growth equation is via text-to-join or scan-to-join. Text-to-join is as simple as it sounds, leads send you a text message using a unique access code — then, you are prompted to approve being added to the list. Scan-to-join uses QR codes to the same end.

The mobile future is almost here. It’s time for all business owners to integrate a mobile marketing strategy into their plan for business success.

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