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Providing ACH and credit card payment solutions guaranteed to save businesses time and money. You can find Wayne on Google +. A specialist in ACH Integration for software/ASP providers looking to emdbed payment processing capabilities. Read about Integration. View my LinkedIn profile here
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ACH Processing: Break Through the Ceiling

Systems and Automation

Systems and Automation: Business Building Essentials I have 3 dogs and picking up after them is not a fun job. I have thrown in the towel and called a local dog waste removal service. The owner had returned home after being in the Army for 2 years and could not find a job so he […]

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ACH Payment Gateway

Are electronic transactions safer?

AutoPay via ACH or credit card versus writing a paper check: Are electronic transactions safer? Bill payment via paper checks have been around a long time [1959 was implementation of MICR ink making automated sorting possible]. Fraud and/or theft were not considered issues that had to be dealt with so verification/authentication measures have not been […]

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Payment Processing Marketing

Payment Processing as an integrated marketing tool? Consumers today are constantly bombarded with marketing messages. As a result the ability to secure their attention is increasingly more difficult. Checking email for most consumers is an exercise in hitting the delete key. Telemarketing is almost impossible. Direct mail can be successful but there are many challenges. […]

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Auto Pay for Free?

Auto Pay Tip – Get your AutoPay for Free Here is a fantastic idea about making AutoPay pay for itself. It comes from an AutoPay user and I can’t remember who shared it (if it was you let me know). In the Auto Pay online Virtual Terminal you can set up email receipts that can […]

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A Fresh Look at ACH

ACH, or Automated Clearing House, is a payment processing service that transfers funds between two accounts, two banks or two entities, typically within one to two days. ACH can be used for many types of financial transactions, including paying employees, accepting vendor payments, and processing ecommerce and overseas transactions. Consider ACH the Center of a […]

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6 Questions You Must Ask When Choosing an Automated Payments Processor

A business that automated their payment processing has significant advantages in comparison to one that traditionally invoices and then waits for payment. Estimates vary regarding the cost of a traditional invoice from $3 to $8 per invoice. Consider two security alarm monitoring businesses. Both have 5000 customers they bill at an average of $40/month. ABC […]

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Martial Arts Billing Practices

At ACH Payments we have spoken with a number of martial arts studios and have come to believe that the billing solutions being advertised/touted in the many publications are NOT in the studio owner’s best interest. The majority of providers charge % fees for ACH transactions. The martial arts business is not  high risk and […]

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