Business Etiquette Tips for Smartphones, Social Media and Email

phone calls at a meeting - business etiquetteWhat is good business etiquette when using smartphones, Facebook and emails? Business etiquette is more important now than ever. In an increasingly competitive market, your relationships with colleagues, customers and other companies can easily make or break the business. And with the constant onslaught of new technology comes new rules for proper behavior on your phone, email, and social media — in and out of the workplace.

Business has become less formal, but professional behavior is still crucial. Here’s an update on business manners that never go out of style.

Tune into Meetings, Not Your Phone
With so much of business being conducted virtually these days, the time spent face-to-face with colleagues in meetings should be honored. Is it OK to peek at your phone frequently during a discussion? How about placing a smartphone on the table like it’s part of the meeting? These actions are discourteous in any meeting scenario, no matter how insignificant or second nature it may seem to you. You may not think so, but your superiors and coworkers take notice. How you act makes a huge difference in their perception of you. Try to be fully present and engaged with those who are speaking.

Be Respectful of Your Email Audience
You dislike an overloaded inbox as much as the next person. So keep your business emails short and sweet whenever possible. Remember to pay as much attention to the recipient list as the content of your email before sending. There’s nothing more annoying than receiving a “Reply All” message that has nothing to do with you. It is also annoying to get left out of a conversation you need to be in. Take an extra moment to be conscious of including the right people in the conversation.

Keep Business and Personal Separate in Social Media
Social media has become a staple of business tools. Most of us are also using Facebook and Twitter to keep in touch with family and friends. Be mindful of your posts. Don’t share something so personal that you wouldn’t want it spread around your workplace. Ultimately, you represent the company you work for, whether you intend to or not; what you say online should still reflect how you would conduct yourself at work.


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