Be a Better Facebook Advertiser: New Facebook Marketing Research

facebook target marketingFacebook continues to have the largest number of engaged users in the world. With its 1.19 billion monthly users, it remains a crucial platform for businesses seeking the attention of the masses. So what are the new developments that your company needs to know? New research by Marin Software highlights a few recent Facebook marketing trends that could affect the way you conduct social business.

Unsurprisingly, Facebook continues to move its audience to mobile. 74% of users visit the site from a mobile app. According to Marin’s research, this is highly significant for your company’s Facebook advertising. The study compared desktop-only and mobile-only ad campaigns. Mobile-only ads showed a 187% higher click-through rate. They also had a 22% lower cost-per-click.

Marin’s research also highlighted the importance of updating your ads regularly. To avoid ad fatigue, adopt an ad rotation strategy. Ads that change every couple days stand out more, with a marked increase in click-through and conversion rates.

Another important aspect of Facebook’s current trends is advertising within the News Feed. This allows for “native advertising,” which places ads within the user experience. According to Marin, News Feed ads outperformed ads on Facebook’s right-hand sidebar (not native advertising). The News Feed ads had 44 times higher click-through rates.

Perhaps the most significant feature of Facebook’s marketing trends is the use of Custom Audiences. Custom Audiences allow businesses to target and retarget users by their web browsing and purchase data. This gives your company the ability to target email leads, for example. Or get the attention of customers who have visited your website but abandoned a purchase. Marin’s research reinforces that these “recaptured” users are more likely to buy when they’ve already engaged with you. Compared to Category/Interest Targeting, using Custom Audiences showed 64% lower cost-per-acquisition rates.

Overall, Facebook is a marketing force to be reckoned with. Adopt some new strategies for your Facebook marketing based on these recent trends. You’re likely to see some real advertising success.

Source: “The Definitive Facebook Advertising Playbook: The 4 Key Trends and 12 Strategies You Need to Know for 2014” by Marin Software, December 2013.

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