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testing social media

How to Test Your Social Media Content — and Why

Did you know that while more than 70 percent of brands have a strategy for social media, only a third of them test their content? A report by the Association of National Advertisers shows that many businesses are neglecting to test the content they put out on social media. Those that do use social media […]

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business youtube playlist example

YouTube Playlists Can Help Market Your Business

It’s clear that YouTube can help your business, but adding lots of your own videos takes time and resources. While you channel is getting built up, you can become a “content curator” to draw people in. This means that you can screen existing videos and build up “Playlists” that your clientele will find useful. Then, […]

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social media builds business

Use Social Media Marketing to Build Your Business

It sounds simple: increase sales at your small business using social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Social media means that businesses have more tools than ever to market their business. To get the best results, though, you need to use certain skills. And you need to be persistent. It starts by figuring out where […]

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facebook target marketing

Be a Better Facebook Advertiser: New Facebook Marketing Research

Facebook continues to have the largest number of engaged users in the world. With its 1.19 billion monthly users, it remains a crucial platform for businesses seeking the attention of the masses. So what are the new developments that your company needs to know? New research by Marin Software highlights a few recent Facebook marketing […]

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online marketing

Get Online Marketing Help

Many business owners are watching online marketing begin to overtake traditional marketing. You know that marketing via the Internet is important, but the tools and techniques are changing too quickly. How can you master the basics, add more online marketing for your company and stay on top of the continuous changes? Here are some ideas […]

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Cut the newsletter length

How Long Should Marketing Emails Be?

When you create an email for your opt-in marketing list, you need to decide how long it should be. The amount of time people are willing to spend reading an email is down to 52 seconds on average.* This holds especially true for cold leads — people who have signed up for your email list […]

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buying persona

Five Easy Ways to Get to Know Your Customers

Your customers are the lifeblood of your business, so it’s crucial to really know who they are. If you understand your market, you can more easily meet their needs. Your business may appeal to more than one market, which makes it more complicated. Here are five easy tips to for getting to know your customers. […]

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marketing campaign

5 Steps to Creating a Marketing Campaign

Campaigns for your small business can take many forms depending on your goal. But many people are easily daunted by the idea of starting their own campaigns. It sounds like a lot of planning and work, but in reality, a campaign can be quite simple and well worth your effort. Here are 5 steps to […]

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Quora Can Help Your Marketing and Lead Generation

Quora is a question-and-answer website that can help you generate leads for your business. Quora allows users to ask questions on any topic and get feedback from knowledgeable users, or give feedback themselves. As a sales tool, Quora can be used to find leads, and understand what kinds of questions your market is asking. By […]

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referral from an email

Get Referrals from Your Email Marketing

Getting more customer referrals through your email marketing is a great way to increase business. But how do you ask for referrals without feeling uncomfortable or pushy? Try these easy ways to get more referrals from your opt-in email list without wrecking your relationship with your subscribers. When was the last time you saw a […]

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