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ACH Check Validation

The ACH Check Validation Services allow merchants to reduce check acceptance risk at the point of sale (both online and in person). Available options include: Negative database options Automated routing number checks Near real-time inquiries into current checking account status. Checking account balances inquiries can be made, but require the customer to log-in or provide […]

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ACH Virtual Terminal Providers

A Virtual Terminal is an integral part of any ACH Integration. Virtual Terminals are web-based hubs that facilitate the secure acceptance of single and recurring payments via ACH [echeck] or credit/debit cards, and provides decline handling. Transactions can be instant or scheduled, and scheduled transactions can be single future or recurring transactions. Businesses can utilize […]

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credit card and ACH integration

Canada EFT Software

Implementing Canada EFT Software is a simple and affordable solution to managing Canadian ACH. Implementing software allows Canadian based applications to debit checking accounts for one-time or recurring payments. Cross border payments are not available in Canada. This means that funds are required to be collected and settled in the same denomination.  A Canadian bank […]

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ACH payment gateway

ACH Payment Gateway Decision Making Tips

Transaction origination, management and reporting tools and methods to an ACH Payment Gateway. The first decision your organization will likely conclude on is whether you will require an API integration method or whether you can rely on pre-built software tools. Generally speaking, the larger the organization, the greater the likelihood that an API integration will […]

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Subscription Payments for Websites

For websites that sell products or services that are of a subscription nature and involve recurring payments, adding functionality for ACH website payments can be extremely beneficial. The primary reason being that ACH payments are far less expensive in processing costs than credit cards. Subscription based products and services are generally valued and relied upon […]

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ACH and Credit Card Integration

3 Tips For Accepting Both ACH and Credit Cards

Credit card transactions dominate the online payment space, but having the additional payment rail of ACH can be a huge advantage, especially for businesses and organizations who have recurring payments requirements. Here are a few things you will want to look for if you or your application need to accept both ACH and Credit Card […]

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ACH and Credit Cards – A Single Integration

Software platforms that are used by multiple organizations and businesses that have a need for a payments component generally have a need for integrating to a credit card processing API. It’s usually later on that integrating to an ACH processing API comes to light as being an advantage to the using organizations. In an ideal […]

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ACH Payment Gateway

Best ACH Payment Companies

Best ACH Payment Companies: What Your Business Should Know The ACH Processing  [Automated Clearing House] Network allows for electronic debiting [and crediting] of checking and savings accounts. The network currently operates in the US and Puerto Rico. The best ACH Payment Companies will offer the following: An ACH Virtual Terminal that will allow you schedule […]

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High Risk ACH Processing Solution

High Risk ACH Processing Solution   High Risk ACH processing involves an ACH debit to a consumer or business checking account  where there is a higher probability of that debit being challenged by that customer/business as either “Not Being Authorized” or if consumer is unhappy “Authorization Revoked”. A  High Risk ACH Processing Solution recognizes that […]

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Credit Card and ACH Recurring Payment Solutions

Credit Card and ACH Recurring Payment Solutions AutoPay programs using Credit Card and ACH Recurring Payment Solutions are statistically proven to improve customer retention. The insurance industry was the first to leverage the power of automated recurring payments to both grow cash flow and improve retention rates. When a person doesn’t have to think about […]

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