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6 Questions You Must Ask When Choosing an Automated Payments Processor

A business that automated their payment processing has significant advantages in comparison to one that traditionally invoices and then waits for payment. Estimates vary regarding the cost of a traditional invoice from $3 to $8 per invoice. Consider two security alarm monitoring businesses. Both have 5000 customers they bill at an average of $40/month. ABC […]

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Martial Arts Billing Practices

At ACH Payments we have spoken with a number of martial arts studios and have come to believe that the billing solutions being advertised/touted in the many publications are NOT in the studio owner’s best interest. The majority of providers charge % fees for ACH transactions. The martial arts business is not  high risk and […]

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Small Business email management

When it comes to managing email systems for small businesses, some are challenged by the simple fact that they don’t have an IT staff to call upon or they don’t have the resources to put in place an exchange server and maintain it. In those instances many small businesses rely on either:  Free mail Webserver […]

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The PCI Monkey on your back

Companies who transact commerce are expected to be completely PCI-DSS and/or PA-DSS compliant. To do so can be extremely time consuming, expensive and challenging. From the perspective of a company

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ACH Integration Services

Integrating ACH and credit card processing into your software or Internet ASP solution can make your payment processing cycle seamless. We have the documentation, code samples and technical assistance that will make this process easy. In addition the compliance burdens for credit card (PCI) and ACH processing are now on our shoulders rather than your […]

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