New Tips for Using Images in Social Media

People are wired for visuals. We love pictures! Keep these points about images in mind when refining your online marketing strategy:

If you do not think your business is visual, think again. Art galleries, designers, decorators, dance studios, florists and wedding planners have plenty of visuals associated with their industries. Manufacturers can show off their equipment, processes and completed work. Charities can take photos at fundraising events, and photograph projects, donors and beneficiaries (with permission). Colleges and private schools can shoot and compile their own images to connect with potential students. Look around and find ways your company can incorporate visuals into its social media.

Be selective about which social media platforms you choose.

  • Facebook has made its images larger. Plain text posts without pictures simply do not get much attention. Plan to have an image appear on every post, whether it is an image you upload or a web page you link to.
    All these platforms can connect to Facebook automatically:
  • Instagram allows you to quickly enhance images on your iPhone or Android before posting them. If your company can shoot a lot of its own photos, Instagram helps maintain interest over time because each picture is different.
  • Pinterest consists of visual “pinboards” of images related to your industry. Your company categorizes pictures, from its own cameras or art department, and from other sources. A retail outlet or highly visual industry may benefit from Pinterest.
  • Tumblr offers quick blogging. Dance studios may want to use Tumblr to document their classes and performances.

Brand your images. The most compelling images get passed around. Eventually, your company name can get disconnected from your own original image. Add your company name and web address to your pictures. While you are doing this, you could also add a permanent caption or clever text. Options include Photoshop for Mac or Windows and Framies for the iPhone or iPad. Note: Only do this with images you have the right to alter for commercial purposes.

Use your creativity and smarts to make your online presence more visual. Compelling images help engage people and bring more traffic to your website, boosting your bottom line.

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