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Gene is a 19 year veteran of the electronic payments industry and has consulted with countless companies of all sizes. He has overseen large underwriting portfolios, directed IT staff, and currently serves as the Director of Business Development. Gene has appeared before the U.S. Congress to provide expert opinions regarding developing technology and transaction risks towards solutions for the payroll industry. You can find him on LinkedIn>.
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5 Reasons You Need Payment Software Integration

If you sell products online but don’t have a payment software integration solution, you could be leaving money on the table. Customers tend to shop more with websites that allow them to pay without a third party payment processor. Here are five reasons you should consider getting payment software integration. 1. It Makes Customers Trust […]

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How Does ACH Credit Card Processing Work?

Even though it takes just seconds after swiping a customer’s card to get approval from her bank on a sales transaction, what’s happening behind the scenes is actually pretty complex and involves multiple organizations. And while you sign up with in-store or ecommerce ACH credit card processing services so that you don’t have to worry […]

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Move Money Electronically

Consumers Prefer Credit Cards Over Cash

Cash is No Longer King – Consumers Prefer Credit Cards With the average consumer using a credit card 119 times in a year, it should be no surprise that cash is no longer king. Being able to use a credit card virtually anywhere –online or off–makes it the payment method of choice for the majority of […]

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Merchant Service Provider

What is a Merchant Service Provider?

If you accept debit or credit cards at your business, you’ll need to choose a merchant service provider. This is a company that provides transaction services for your business; i.e.: helps you process card payments so that you can complete a sale. There’s really no way around working with a merchant service provider if you […]

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Payment Processing Solutions – How to Know it’s Time

Maybe you’ve been using your current payment processor or wireless credit card terminal for years, and are reluctant to admit it’s time to change. Maybe your customers get frustrated because you’re limited in the types of payments you can accept. Whatever the reason you’re considering switching Payment Processing Solutions, the best thing you can do […]

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3 Steps to a More Organized Business Life

Get Your Business Life Organized The fiber of our business being is our ability to multitask to the point of strain and exhaustion. But in trying to “do more” are we’re really just “doing less”? Studies show a correlation between multitasking, high stress and stunted potential – leading to a scattered and unfulfilled business mind. […]

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Call To Action

Online Calls to Action – Translate To Offline Sales

Your Online Calls To Action All businesses need an online storefront that shifts visitors into customers with a decisive call to action. A call to action shakes your site visitor from a passive web surfer to an active participant interested in your business. And with online shopping positioned as one of 2011’s market success stories, […]

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Secrets for Getting a Small-business Loan

Small-business owners run short of cash for many reasons. Understanding how the loan process works is half the battle to getting money from a bank. Bank Limitations When applying for a business loan you must remember that banks require assurance of repayment. Most importantly, a banker seldom possesses sole authority to approve a loan. The […]

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Writing a Winning Press Release

Writing a Winning Press Release – Tips to Get Noticed

Every business wants positive public relations, and a writing a winning press release is a staple for making that happen. The average major metro news desk receives hundreds of releases each day. So why do we only hear about a select few stories? Aside from being poorly written or structured, releases fail when they’re too self-serving […]

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