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Lee is a computer expert and writer with a background in technical writing, Internet marketing, blogging and website design.
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public relations for business

How to Make Public Relations Work for Your Business

Public relations is different from advertising because you don’t directly pay the news outlet or website. However, PR isn’t free. PR costs. But it can definitely pay off for your company. Be sure to maximize your PR efforts as part of your overall marketing. Here is what PR costs: PR takes time in the short […]

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social media builds business

Use Social Media Marketing to Build Your Business

It sounds simple: increase sales at your small business using social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Social media means that businesses have more tools than ever to market their business. To get the best results, though, you need to use certain skills. And you need to be persistent. It starts by figuring out where […]

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business blogging

How a Blog Could Help Your Business

Many people think a blog can only be a personal account of what the blogger had for breakfast. That is not true, especially for businesses. A blog is simply an online collection of articles, stamped with a date. Each post is associated with one or more categories. It has “tags” – keywords that appear in […]

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customer finds business

Find Out How New Customers Found Your Business

Your business probably expends a lot of resources finding new customers. To avoid wasting marketing money, you need to track which aspects of your marketing are the most effective. One of the best ways to do this is to discover how new customers found your business. This needs to be done regularly to keep your […]

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social business

Why Do Companies Succeed or Fail in Social Business?

Social business means a company has a social objective instead of a financial objective. For example, Divine Chocolate is nearly half owned by farmers and utilizes fair trade practices. Many companies swear by social business as the way for their company to flourish in today’s landscape. But many others encounter obstacles to making social business […]

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facebook target marketing

Be a Better Facebook Advertiser: New Facebook Marketing Research

Facebook continues to have the largest number of engaged users in the world. With its 1.19 billion monthly users, it remains a crucial platform for businesses seeking the attention of the masses. So what are the new developments that your company needs to know? New research by Marin Software highlights a few recent Facebook marketing […]

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youtube on a mobile device

YouTube Sees Boost in Mobile Traffic

User-generated video giant YouTube is swiftly moving its more than 1 billion users to mobile. According to recent reports from Google*, mobile devices now accounts for 40% of YouTube’s traffic. The numbers show YouTube’s vastly growing popularity on phones and tablets. Last year, mobile usage accounted for only 25% of traffic. In 2011, only 6%. […]

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social media engagement

Get Direct Social Media Engagement for Your Business

Doing social media for your business is on on-going task, but do you find it difficult to translate all your hard work into real engagement from your audience? Time to bring social media to the next level! Here are a few great tips for increasing social media engagement. Follow the 80/20 Rule You may already […]

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business vs personal life

Personal Profiles in Business Social Media

How should a small business owner separate personal life and work in social media? Do you have to be using all types of social media as a “person” in order to market your business online? Let’s look at four primary platforms for marketing small businesses: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Facebook To market your small […]

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6 Tips for Finding New Employees with Email and Social Media

You may already know social media and email campaigns can bring in new customers to your business. But what about bringing in new employees? Many small business owners find that the hunt for the right person to fill a position is one of their greatest challenges. After all, your success in growing and improving your […]

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