Make Your Business Emails More Personable

personable emailsAll small businesses have one major advantage. They can be more personable when reaching out to clients. Without the distance that a larger corporation is forced to have with its followers, smaller businesses are free to make real, personal connections.

One simple way to do this is through emails. Unfortunately, many small businesses do not take advantage of this opportunity to show there is a human behind the sender. Here are some tips to make your email newsletters a little more personable.

Make a Good First Impression
Many small businesses have missed a huge opportunity before the first email even goes out. The “thank you” page for newsletter sign-up is an all-too-often ignored space. It almost always lacks a personality. But as the very first impression subscribers have of you, why not make it personal?

Write a real, personal thank you message in your own voice. Invite subscribers to engage through email as well as social media. Starting the conversation now will show them there is a real person to talk to, and they are more likely to stay engaged. Show them you are truly grateful for their attention. The “thank you” page can be edited in any major online email marketing system, such as Constant Contact or iContact.

Give Your Email a Name and Face
This is the easiest thing you can do for your emails. Simply show there is a person who wrote the email. Try including a photo of the email’s author or contact person in the message. This might be the company’s president, a vice-president, salesperson, or account manager. Many small businesses underestimate the power of connecting a human face to words.  This is standard in print publication; it should be for emails, too. Do not be afraid to show subscribers your face!

Also consider where your emails appear to be coming from. Do not just use your company name as the sender (“From”). Instead, try putting the name of the contact person plus the company: “Jane Doe, Company Name.” Emails with this format of sender name are less likely to get deleted and more likely to increase open rate and replies.

Say It Like You Mean It
The content of your emails should also reflect that there is a real person writing them. Have a point of view. An editorial style does not necessarily work for every email, but show a strong opinion when appropriate. Writing a commentary about politics or religion is taboo. But expressing your opinion about a new law that affects the industry or a relevant trend is fine. Subscribers connect to that emotion when you show it, whether or not they hold the same opinions.

Also take the opportunity to tell a story. Readers like to know where you come from and what you are all about. If you have not had the chance to tell your company’s origin story, go for it. Tracing your success back to the beginning and your own background shows subscribers your passion and reminds them of the value of what you do.

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