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Call To Action

Online Calls to Action – Translate To Offline Sales

Your Online Calls To Action All businesses need an online storefront that shifts visitors into customers with a decisive call to action. A call to action shakes your site visitor from a passive web surfer to an active participant interested in your business. And with online shopping positioned as one of 2011’s market success stories, […]

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email marketing is key

3 Reasons Why Email Marketing Helps Grow Your Business

Sending the right emails at the right time to your opt-in list is one of the best ways to grow your business. No matter what other marketing you are doing — print, radio, TV, social media, Facebook, Twitter, SMS text marketing, phone calls, direct mail, brochures, networking, business cards, word-of-mouth — email marketing has an […]

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Athletic League Payments

Running a sports league can present some time consuming tasks, and one such on-going task was the collection of league fees, the depositing of the payments and the reconciliation for accounting purposes. Reducing time spent on redundant tasks frees us of man hours spent on these tasks and allows us to focus on things that are more […]

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ACH Processing: Break Through the Ceiling

Systems and Automation

Systems and Automation: Business Building Essentials I have 3 dogs and picking up after them is not a fun job. I have thrown in the towel and called a local dog waste removal service. The owner had returned home after being in the Army for 2 years and could not find a job so he […]

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Save Time by Offloading Business Tasks to Fiverr

Have you ever wanted to just hand off a task at work, with no strings attached? We have discovered an economical and quick way to find someone to do a single task for as little as a fiver ($5). It’s called and here are some of the useful business tasks they offer: write a […]

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Secrets for Getting a Small-business Loan

Small-business owners run short of cash for many reasons. Understanding how the loan process works is half the battle to getting money from a bank. Bank Limitations When applying for a business loan you must remember that banks require assurance of repayment. Most importantly, a banker seldom possesses sole authority to approve a loan. The […]

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ACH Payment Gateway

Are electronic transactions safer?

AutoPay via ACH or credit card versus writing a paper check: Are electronic transactions safer? Bill payment via paper checks have been around a long time [1959 was implementation of MICR ink making automated sorting possible]. Fraud and/or theft were not considered issues that had to be dealt with so verification/authentication measures have not been […]

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social media business

How to Choose from Six Top Social Media Sites: Advice for Small Businesses

If you have a small business, you are feeling the pressure to use social media to connect with your customers and prospects. But which social media sites are worth tackling? It depends on your business, your market and the talents you bring to the table. Start by using this guide to the top 6 social […]

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Writing a Winning Press Release

Writing a Winning Press Release – Tips to Get Noticed

Every business wants positive public relations, and a writing a winning press release is a staple for making that happen. The average major metro news desk receives hundreds of releases each day. So why do we only hear about a select few stories? Aside from being poorly written or structured, releases fail when they’re too self-serving […]

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Direct Deposit Advantges

Companies who take advantage of ACH transaction for direct deposit to meet payroll needs are provided many advantages over traditional methods: Paper check purchasing is eliminated. Re-issuing lost paper checks becomes a non-issue. Automation of recurring amounts  for on-going transactions is easy to accomplish. Reconciliation time of checks cashed late is eliminated. Scheduling of future payroll checks […]

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