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YouTube videos help market dance studios and more

Get More Customers By Posting Your Company’s Videos on YouTube

Did you know that YouTube is the second-largest search engine? All types of businesses can benefit from creating and posting their own videos on YouTube. If you have a good budget for marketing, the possibilities are endless. But even a modest budget can allow you to make videos that bring traffic to your website — […]

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How to Use Online Tools to Market an Offline Business

Start Using Online Tools to Market Your Offline Business Even if your business is strictly brick-and-mortar, your customers are online. So are your competitors. And if you want to compete over the long term, you need to find creative ways how to use online tools to market an offline business. This begins with a simple, […]

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Payment Processing Marketing

Payment Processing as an integrated marketing tool? Consumers today are constantly bombarded with marketing messages. As a result the ability to secure their attention is increasingly more difficult. Checking email for most consumers is an exercise in hitting the delete key. Telemarketing is almost impossible. Direct mail can be successful but there are many challenges. […]

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mobile phone texting

Mobile Text and SMS Marketing – How it Can Help Local Businesses Make More Money

SMS marketing, also called mobile text marketing, is an increasingly important means of bringing in customers and keeping in touch with them. According to CITA, there is slightly more than one active cell phone per person in the United States (November 2011). This is an enormous opportunity to reach a vast and growing marketplace. Remember, […]

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Auto Pay for Free?

Auto Pay Tip – Get your AutoPay for Free Here is a fantastic idea about making AutoPay pay for itself. It comes from an AutoPay user and I can’t remember who shared it (if it was you let me know). In the Auto Pay online Virtual Terminal you can set up email receipts that can […]

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Create Extra Income

An Easy Way to Create Extra Income for Your Studio

Create Extra Income, Recurring Income and More! Recurring, passive income is a great way to increase the profits of your studio. The idea is that you put in the work one time and then create extra income over the months and years to come. The result is that you will have more money to put back […]

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Facebook page

Facebook Business Page 7 Steps to Success

Maybe you are wondering what all the excitement is over Facebook business pages. Perhaps you have created one and aren’t seeing results. Here are some tips to move forward. If You Haven’t Already, Start Your Page. You’ll need to budget time or money to set up a professional-looking Facebook business page. If you know how […]

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Mobile Payments - The Future of Mobile Payment

Mobile Payments – The Future of Mobile Payment

Mobile Payments, what is the future? We’ve long been hearing stories about how folks in Europe and Asia are using their smartphones to pay for goods and services, yet we still haven’t seen the same adoption of mobile payments here in North America. Are we relegated to phone payment envy, or do we have mobile […]

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