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social business

Why Do Companies Succeed or Fail in Social Business?

Social business means a company has a social objective instead of a financial objective. For example, Divine Chocolate is nearly half owned by farmers and utilizes fair trade practices. Many companies swear by social business as the way for their company to flourish in today’s landscape. But many others encounter obstacles to making social business […]

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social media engagement

Get Direct Social Media Engagement for Your Business

Doing social media for your business is on on-going task, but do you find it difficult to translate all your hard work into real engagement from your audience? Time to bring social media to the next level! Here are a few great tips for increasing social media engagement. Follow the 80/20 Rule You may already […]

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business vs personal life

Personal Profiles in Business Social Media

How should a small business owner separate personal life and work in social media? Do you have to be using all types of social media as a “person” in order to market your business online? Let’s look at four primary platforms for marketing small businesses: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. Facebook To market your small […]

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unique business

Understand Your Business’s Uniqueness for Success

There is something about your business that stands out. Your business is unique. The sheer existence of your business means you are offering something special, even in a crowded market. Reflect on what makes your company special, and how to improve on your distinct, positive qualities. Be very clear about what makes your company one-of-a-kind. […]

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customer service infographic thumbnail

Better Customer Service: New Research

What are the vital components–and pitfalls—of a successful customer service strategy? Why Do Companies with Great Customer Service Succeed? is the title of a new infographic from KISSmetrics that compiles data from various recent surveys. These graphs and pictographs show how to encourage new customers to buy your products and services, and keep your existing […]

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writing emails for business

Tips for Writing Better Business Emails

Looking for ways to make your business emails better? No matter whether you work in a dance studio or a corporate office, you probably send and receive a lot of emails. Did you know that on average, an office worker spends 28% of their work time reading and writing emails?* It’s not just desk time. […]

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online reputation

What Is Your Company’s Online Reputation?

When it comes to your company’s reputation, what you don’t know can hurt you. You need to know where your company is listed, and what people are saying about your company online. Why? The more places you are listed, the more chances someone will find your company. Negative customer reviews on listings might need “damage […]

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buying persona

Five Easy Ways to Get to Know Your Customers

Your customers are the lifeblood of your business, so it’s crucial to really know who they are. If you understand your market, you can more easily meet their needs. Your business may appeal to more than one market, which makes it more complicated. Here are five easy tips to for getting to know your customers. […]

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Online visibility

Enhance Your Business’s Online Marketing

As more business depend on marketing online, visibility on the web has become increasingly important. When you think of highly successful businesses, the common factor is how often you are exposed to them. The same principle applies to online visibility, only billboards and television commercials are replaced by banner ads, email campaigns and social media […]

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personable emails

Make Your Business Emails More Personable

All small businesses have one major advantage. They can be more personable when reaching out to clients. Without the distance that a larger corporation is forced to have with its followers, smaller businesses are free to make real, personal connections. One simple way to do this is through emails. Unfortunately, many small businesses do not […]

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